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Melissa started working as a professional brewer in '96, and from the moment she brewed her first barrel she was hooked. She's brewed from Philly to Colorado to all over this awesome Bay Area. Brewing beer, selling beer, and talking about beer is her passion. She's always had a vision of owning a place dedicated to the art of fine, crafted beer - a place where a community of good people who are also crazy passionate about good beer can come together, enjoy, and talk about ALL of the beer. The Good Hop is the first of a tiered business plan where her next step will be to open her own brewery and get those brewing boots back on. She's often seen with a huge smile on her face and invites you to come get in touch with your inner Beer Geek! Cheers!

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Kathryn comes to California by way of Texas and has the fiery and brash personality expected of Texas women. She can usually be found at the bar complaining that TGH doesn't sell whiskey and "what the hell kind of bar doesn't sell whiskey?!" She is slowly learning to appreciate the finer aspects of craft beer thanks to the knowledgeable crew at TGH. Kathryn is wildly in love with their cat, Tiny Little. Melissa calls her a Crazy Cat Lady, which is just rude because everyone knows the cutoff for being considered a Crazy Cat Lady is three cats and they just have the one.

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Mo is a proud East Bay native, born and bred, who has been working in the beer industry since 1999. She enjoys all aspects of the industry, from the creativity and nuance of the brewing process itself, to the sheer variety of style and flavor that keeps evolving, changing, and inspiring brewers and home brewers alike to push the envelope. Mo has been with TGH since 2015, and loves the opportunity to get to know (and share beers with) the amazing and kickass customers and friends that walk through our doors each day. When she's not at work, you can find her hangin' out with her dog Muddy Waters, watching a Warriors or Raiders game, nose deep in a book, or nerding out over our awesome local Bay Area history. Underberg?

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Bailey is a San Diego native making her way through the beer culture one beer at a time. Enjoying a variety of styles, she's never afraid to try something new and unique. She first discovered craft beer when a family friend opened a brewery along a beautiful beach in San Diego—she knew it was love at first sip and was in it for the long run. Five years later, she is constantly amazed by how far craft beer culture has come and how it continues to grow. The scientific aspect of it encourages a continual learning experience (not to mention how playful it can be!). Being a part of TGH team is a dream come true for Bailey; it's a small group that feels like family. Having these connections with fellow beer folks makes for a great time here at The Good Hop!

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Yoni is a Bay Area native and has always been excited to try out new beers. He has been supporting The Good Hop since its opening and is happy to be a part of the team. Yoni feels lucky to work for a place that feels like family and to continue learning in the craft beer world. When he is not bartending, he can be found in his nearby art studio painting and enjoying tasty beer, or pouring beer for Almanac at the Ferry Building Farmers Market in SF.

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Cory is a Bay Area native who has been enjoying craft beer since American pale ales were too bitter. He grew up in a wine country hippie family, but once he experienced California craft beer he found his new passion. Ever since then he has been converting wine drinkers to the beautiful malt beverage that we all know and love. In his free time he works with Bridges Myanmar, a nonprofit working with schools and orphanages in Myanmar. Give him a stout and a campfire and he'll be happy.

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Sarah was raised in Mendocino County, has lived in Oakland for 6 years and plans on never moving. She loves many things, including beer, sci-fi, and most especially, her cat Gandalf - truly a wizard of a cat. She’s been coming to The Good Hop since it first opened and is very excited to serve this community she already loves. With over a decade of drinking craft beer and nearly six years as a beertender, Sarah loves nerding out about beer, or pretty much anything else. She is also always looking for new book suggestions!

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Maxine was born and raised in the Bay Area and started her journey through craft beer with her first sip of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. She lived in NYC and in Europe during her formative drinking years, and living in both locations heavily informed her beer education. Now, Maxine enjoys a wide range of styles, from the crispest Pilsner to the oakiest, barrel-aged stout, and has a new-found infatuation with wild and sour beers. These days, Maxine splits her time between her bottle shop and bar duties at The Good Hop, and running the digital marketing program for a local brewery, and when she can, finds time for her painting.